Top 5 tips for planning a wedding!

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WOO HOO!! You might have been dreaming up this day for as long as you can remember or it might be an new concept – either way this part is just as fun and exciting as the engagement. This part you do together!

Recently I got engaged as well. You might think planning a wedding as a vendor would be a breeze – well maybe, but we are getting married in QLD where I am originally from (no wedding contacts up there!) and so basically I too was starting from scratch. I have been in your shoes and I loved every minute of it so I want the same for you.

So here are my top tips for stress free wedding planning:

1. Big ticket items/ Where to start:

You might have already read my blog “Life after your wedding day.” It is all about perspective. Think about the things that are the most important to you. For me photography was number 1 – no brainer! I wanted to make sure that I could go back and enjoy every moment over and over. For that reason video was high as well.

Choosing a venue is a great place to start as well, it will give you a good indication of dates to choose from that you can take to your vendors and put together your dream team.

2. Choosing your vendors

This is so important. Chose people that have the same vision as you or are committed to helping you put that vision together. Chose people that you click with.

Think about the role they are going to play in your day. For example when choosing a photographer it is important to find someone who you feel comfortable around and someone who’s company you think you will enjoy. You spend your entire day with your photographer in most cases (even more time than you will spend with your partner) so you want to choose your third wheel with this in mind. And trust me – it shows in your photos if you’re feeling uncomfortable. I am 100% committed to making sure my couples are having the best time and that it doesn’t feel like they are having their photos taken – that is how we end up with such beautiful candid shots!

The same goes for your wedding planner, videographer, venue co-ordinators, even hair and makeup who you will be spending your morning with.

3. Get in early 

I am already booking in weddings for 2023! It sounds crazy but think about how many couples have had to postpone their weddings in the last 18 months. That means that dates are limited. So if you have a team of vendors in mind who you love you are going to want to book early. That being said sometimes early isn’t an option – in that case get creative! Covid has changed the rules for weddings so you can too! Have your wedding on a Friday or a Monday – even Wednesday weddings are becoming popular! Every one loves a good excuse for a long long weekend! We have all be deprived of a good holiday, Im sure your loved ones would jump at the chance of celebrating your love and having some time away from home/the office/ more so, the home office!!

4. Make a list

How satisfying is having a list and crossing things off (surely I am not alone in that right?!). Kurtis (my fiance!) and I made a list of things we needed to get done. Things that I was more into i.e flowers and furniture I took over, things like music and the bar, Kurt took lead on. We sat together on our laptops and chipped away at our list during lockdown showing each other things that we found (what better way to spend our time in lockdown than by planning fun times things). We made cocktails and cheers to things we booked. Not only was it fun and we did it together but by writing everything down we made sure that we didn’t miss any details either.

5. Read the T&C’s

Covid clauses. This is something new. I have heard quite a few horror stories around postponements in recent times. I think this also comes full circle with choosing your vendors. It has been such a hard time for everyone and the wedding industry is really struggling, especially in VIC right now. We have endured 6 lockdowns, most of which have been extended and countless postponements. Many vendors are literally living off their deposits. I am still waiting to photograph couples I booked in early 2019 and have had a few that have had to postpone 4 times! It is heartbreaking but we have worked together to make sure that the process has been as stress free as possible and have made promises to celebrate 4 times as hard when the day comes around! You want to find someone who will do that for you too!

This is my personal outlook on the covid situation and how I run Lovegood Images…
I know that this may be detrimental to my business financially but I am not in it for the money, I am in it for the love of what I do and the couples who have trusted me to capture their weddings. It is an honour to be that person (in my opinion). I am more than happy to accommodate for date changes and will work with you and your suppliers to find a new date – postponements due to lockdown regulations are out of our control and therefore absolutely free of charge. If we have tried but are unable to make a new date work I will refund your deposit and am committed to helping you find another photographer who will look after you. I know how crazy it feels to be planning a wedding during a pandemic and so I want to relieve as much stress as I can for you both. I am 100% here for you.

That being said it is so important to work with your vendors to find new dates, there are so many apps now like where you can easily schedule your team to find a date that works for everyone. Speaking from experience, I know that your vendors are just as invested and as excited for your day as you are!!

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Don’t take yourselves too seriously and have fun!! Hopefully you will only ever plan one wedding, make sure it is an experience to treasure from start to finish!


This is the perfect time to start planning! Use those lockdown days to prepare for all the fun times when restrictions are lifted. Weddings will be back before we know it. So get in touch today and we can start chatting about how incredible your day is going to be!




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