How to get ready for an engagement shoot

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If you’re recently engaged – firstly CONGRATULATIONS! This is such a special time in your life you definitely want to take the time to enjoy the excitement, your little love bubble and also make sure its documented! Engagement shoots are perfect opportunity not only to capture such an important milestone in your life but to get used to being in front of the camera before your big day. It is a great way for us to get to know each other and have a little fun, after all we are celebrating! You can even use the images as your save the date cards! Better yet, I offer discounted sessions with all my wedding photography packages!

1. What to wear

I always just suggest to my couples that you wear something that you feel comfortable in so that you are not thinking about your clothes the whole time. If you can wear colours that compliment each other that is a bonus! Gone are they days of matchy matchy white shirts and jeans (how did that become such a thing!). These photos are supposed to be informal and quintessentially you! It’s all about making this moment in time stand still so you want to remember it exactly as you are.

My one big tip though would be to avoid both of you wearing too much pattern so that you don’t clash with each other. 

2. Determining a Location

Things to consider: 

  1. Most photographers will have complimentary travel for instance within an hour radius. If there is somewhere epic outside of that where you want to shoot discuss this with your photographer. There may be an additional charge or they may just be excited for an adventure and to shoot somewhere new – keep the discussion honest and open
  2. Is there somewhere special and meaningful to you both that would make for an amazing location?
  3. Are you including your fur babies? This might mean choosing somewhere like a dog friendly park or even opting for a package that offers two locations. With two locations you could get photos taken in your home with your little love and then head out for a bit of golden hour magic!

3. Hair and Makeup

If you are like me doing hair and makeup is the bane of my existence – I am also not that great at it. One option to relieve some pressure could be to have your hair and makeup trial for the wedding/elopement on the day of the shoot = Two birds, one stone!

Which leads me  to my next point!

4. Make a day/night out of it

Whether it making a day of it by travelling to an epic spot or travelling around with your photographer to numerous locations there are plenty of ways to make the most of this special time in your life! My favourite way to do this would be to plan a date night for after the shoot. You are already dressed and ready to go, head out and enjoy a meal and hey, treat yourself, have a cocktail too! 

5. Timing/ Lighting

Im sure you have heard of golden hour. It is the hour before sunset and my favourite time to shoot. The lighting at this time of day is pure magic! Of course if you really have to book your shoot in for the middle of the day I can work my magic then too but wouldn’t you rather avoid the squinty eyes all together and get some of that golden goodness. The same goes for the time when the sun rises but then you will have to be up super early to get ready – probably not as enjoyable. Not in my opinion anyway.

6. Remember to relax and have fun

This here is what Lovegood Images is all about. Don’t worry I will ensure it feels more like a couple of friends hanging out than a “photo shoot.” Of course I will be there to give direction if you need it but no way are we taking any of those weird posey photos. Just be in the moment, don’t hold back and I promise you will have a gallery full of fun, candid and even intimate moments that you can treasure forever. 



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