The day everything changed… online

Fun times

Disco balls, fancy cocktails, balloons and confetti… can you even have a party without those?!

Still not convinced that my mum has my birth year right, I made plans to celebrate my apparent 30th with some family and friends. We were set to be heading interstate for a wild weekend of wineries, beach going, exploring and likely time at the pub on the 2nd of September. Another plan cancelled. Another celebration cancelled. I was not about that.

So instead I decided to launch this new website. Full of personality. Full of beautiful images. Sound like a reason to celebrate? It was!
Now you can come on here, get to know me a little better, see some of the incredible people and weddings I have had the privilege of shooting and get tips and tricks to help with planning your day. Very exciting!

You think that’s amazing – the thing is, this website is only ever going to get better! Adding more content, more helpful blog posts and more beautiful weddings. You should see the line up we have for 2022!

Need another reason to celebrate? To keep the party going we are offering free VIP upgrade to anyone who makes a wedding photography enquiry between now and the 16th of October! What does that mean?!
Want your photos the week after your wedding? Consider it done! Want that premium album upgrade- done! Unlimited planning sessions – Of course! You’re a VIP

VIP Upgrade is part of the new package offerings for Wedding Photography. You can read more about it on our Services Page.

So while you are here check out the site and get in contact to get some more info on our amazing, value filled packages and lock in your VIP status!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the launch you’re going to want to! Heres a snippet of how it went down…

Of course if you know me you will know that I get super nervous speaking in public – well more speaking to the camera, so there were plenty of out takes before it got to this point. It was a bit of an eye opener to my potty mouth haha but hey what goes on behind closed doors… is then put on the internet because it’s funny.

We had some well deserved cocktails afterwards to celebrate the launch and to cheers to the most patient man I know. Honorary Lovegood guy, launch day director, camera man and confetti popper – my fiance Kurtis.

Need to put a ring on that!

So! What next? The possibilities are endless…

Get in contact HERE

OR see the launch reel HERE

Want to check out those bloopers, you can do it HERE

Would love to hear your thoughts on what you thought of the launch! Leave a comment below.



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